Voice of Customers

I had noticed the occasional hole in my clothes but had not given much thought about it until one was especially large, on a place that would not have naturally been damaged. I placed these and in about 10 days it had already caught two moths. No more additional holes on my clothes so far. Definitely recommend it, even if you have just a suspicion given the relatively low price poin


Great mess, no poison, no smell and it works.


Set em up and they do the job!


I like the design and how it blends into my pantry. It was very easy to assemble and the traps have managed to catch & control the number of moths appearing in my Pantry. I would definitely buy another pack when these ones have been used up.


Moths have become a huge problem for my family recently but these traps were a LIFE SAVER. I placed two in my pantry, came back a few days later, and was shocked at how many I had caught. The matrix works incredibly well and makes it that much harder for the moths to escape. Also, love that these don't have any bad scent and the pheromones are safe for people & pets. Excellent product - I saw Catcher Labs also sells clothing moth traps so will definitely check those out too!


Love it, I caught 2 of these aggravating bugs as soon as I opened the package, will be buying more of these. I had to throw away all my food in the pantry.