Are They Bugging You?

Don’t Let The Creepy Critters Ruin Your Blissful Home

We provide moth prevention products that empower you to take control over any unwanted moth infestation in your blissful home. You are guaranteed non-toxic products that are safe for the whole family and pets. Beat the infestation before they ever happen so that you do not need to become a slave to yearly contracts with pest control companies that take hours to reach and weeks to book. Achieve the ultimate moth relief in your sanctuary with non-toxic moth traps. Stay bug-free, stay happy!


What Do Catcher Labs Family Members Experience ?

Works really well. Much better than literally every other brand I’ve tried, including ones from my pest control service. Hope to continue to see moths in the traps and not flying around!
— E. Donshel
I have been battling moths for a while. This is just a couple of hours after using the product. I like that we get several in a pack and I can place them in different cupboards. I am already seeing them work which is exciting!
— A. Kost
Works like magic. I didn't think it would catch so many moths because I didn't know I had so many moths in the first place.
— Debbie A.
The light in the unit next to mine is stuck on and as a result, moths galore! I added a bunch of these to my unit and it does seem to be helping. These traps have permanently grounded hundreds of these airborne terrors. The infestation seems to be far too much for conventional means but these are doing their job.
— BlinkingSun

Our Mission

We are determined to keep your space bug-free and we strive to provide a safe solution to every family because everybody deserves a bug-free life without harming their loved ones and the environment. Not only do we bring natural product solutions to preserve the environment, but we also give back 1% of our revenue to environmental causes. So that together, we can help nature live on for future generations to come.

Our Story

We know how bad things can get. We are industry experts coming from a background of working in the food and pest industry. Having experienced, firsthand, how uncontrolled infestations can rapidly result in permanent damage to your home and loved ones. We are here to help you save money and time with our non-toxic bug-prevention products. We have been there, and we have dealt with millions of dollars’ worth of insect damage. We are doing this so you don’t have to.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to identify which type of moth infestation I have?

It can be a challenge to identify moth species, even entomologists have a hard time doing so. Please check our product guides or product pages for more information.

What if I have pets or kids?

Our products are safe to use around pets and children. If they get in contact with the sticky adhesive, you can use any type of vegetable oil with water to rinse it off.

How does 100% satisfaction guarantee work?

All Catcher Labs products are guaranteed. We promise to replace or offer a refund on any defected packages or if you are unsatisfied in any way with our products. We have 24/7 available customer service to answer and assist you in any inquiries or questions. Do not hesitate to contact us.

What if I have a coupon that I want to apply after my purchase?

Unfortunately, once an order is placed, a coupon can't be applied. Please make sure to check your inbox for any possible coupons or promotions sent before completing your purchase.