Catcher Labs Pantry Moth Traps | Moth Traps with Pheromones | Non-Toxic Moth Catcher | Moth Traps for House (6-Pack)

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Catcher Labs moth traps for house pantry attract and restrain pantry moths, to avoid infesting food. Our pro traps contain non-toxic synthetic pheromones equipped with high-strength adhesive. Guaranteed moth prevention saves your pantry before bugs and pests can do any damage.

We developed a proprietary "Delta Matrix" to be the most efficient kitchen moth trap. The Delta Matrix consists of three traps working together to restrain and kill most pests. Pheromones are made to be long-lasting but we recommend replacing them every 3 months (or once fully occupied) for the best results.

  • Easy Installation - pantry moth trap indoor moth repellent. Fold the sides & hang them in your pantry.
  • Non-Toxic - Odor-free pantry moth traps with pheromones are safe for all humans and pets!
  • Long-Lasting Pheromones - Indoor Moth Traps can be replaced every 3 months, or once fully occupied.
  • Pantry & Kitchen Use Only - Designed as a pantry pest trap. Not for gypsy moth control.
  • Better than any other pantry moth killer, pantry pests and moth trap, or moth spray on the market!